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Currently working as Innovation Ecosystem Manager at EIT InnoEnergy (Spain) and as a visiting fellow at Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Alberto Gonzalez is an experienced manager, qualitative researcher and educator.

His fields of expertise revolve around Innovation Management and range from Sustainable Development to Design Thinking and from New Product/Service Development to Creativity Tools. He has extensive international experience having lived abroad and/or worked extensively with international partners and with projects/visits in markets such as Spain, Finland, Nepal, GCC, Russia, Ireland and The Netherlands among others.

Alberto is personally passionate about innovation and education and interested in projects related to sustainable development, digitalization, l&d, transformation through design thinking and innovation and innovative teaching methods and pedagogy. On a different level, he has an interest in academic research in the fields of customer involvement in product development, learning processes, co-production and knowledge transfer, especially in the field of the creative industries.  

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