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Innopeda Podcast Series: Episode 5


Talk-Podcast: Systemic change and the role of the teacher

Expert: Marianne Renvall, Senior Lecturer, Turku UAS
Host: Minna Scheinin, Head of Future Learning Design, Turku UAS

Education is going through a systemic change. What is the role of the teacher in this big change?
Innopeda Podcast host Minna Scheinin and her guest, Turku UAS’s Senior Lecturer Marianne Renvall, discuss the changing role of the teacher.

At TUAS’ BusinessAcademy, learning takes place together in teams and occurs in a form of projects.

At BusinessAcademy teachers are called coaches; they don’t give lectures or right answers to their students. –At first it was a bit frightening , Renvall tells.
–But once you start to stand at back of the classroom – not in front of it – you really understand how much more the students learn. We find solutions together.

In this episode Marianne Renvall tells how she facilitates learning and what makes her job meaningful – and fun.


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