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Innopeda Podcast Series: Episode 7


Talk-Podcast: Internationalisation at Home

Guests: Head of International Affairs Anu Härkönen and Senior Lecturer Nicholas Le Gran, Turku UAS
Host: Milla Järvipetäjä, Research Group Leader, Senior Lecturer, Project Manager, Turku UAS

Internationalisation is one of the cornerstones of Innovation Pedagogy.

In this Innopeda podcast episode Milla Järvipetäjä and her guests discuss the importance of developing intercultural competences.

Many students cannot participate in international mobility programs. However, everyone should have an equal opportunity to develop intercultural competences and experience different cultures during their studies.

Head of International Affairs Anu Härkönen tips an “eye-opening” publication of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Internationalisation at Home in Finnish Higher Education Institutions and Research Institutes, in which the writers define the concept.

Internationalisation at home is constructed from different elements. Senior Lecturer Nicholas Le Gran mentions the exchange students and international degree students, thesis topics and projects as examples of these elements.

Turku UAS’s development plan for next year contain topics such as the internationalisation of the curricula, the double degrees and the development of more systematic design processes.

In this lively podcast discussion the guests brings up themes as Eurocentrism in Finnish higher education institutions, the professional development of the teachers and of course innovation pedagogy, a strategic approach to learning.


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  1. David Yoken sanoo:

    Very interesting and informative podcast. Thank you very much Anu Härkönen for your insightful comments and also you articulating the inter-cultural” competencies and ”non-formal” activities!!!


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