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Innopeda Podcast Series: Episode 4


Talk-Podcast: Management and Innovation Pedagogy

Guest:  Juhani Soini, Vice Rector, Turku UAS
Host: Milla Järvipetäjä, Research Group Leader, Senior Lecturer, Project Manager, Turku UAS

Innovation pedagogy is a strategic approach to modern learning. What is the role of management in implementing Innopeda?

Innopeda Podcast host Milla Järvipetäjä and her guest, Turku UAS’s Vice Rector Juhani Soini, discuss working life and RDI cooperation and the development of innovation competences.

In this episode Vice Rector Juhani Soini tells why Turku UAS started to develop innovation pedagogy already ten years ago.
—The demand for the change came originally from high tech industry, Soini explains. —They started to discuss about the future working life skills and we in Turku UAS wanted to respond into their needs.

Today innovation pedagogy takes part in everyday life in Turku UAS.

Juhani Soini emphasizes that managements role in implementing Innopeda is to support – not to lead the development work. The teachers and the students are doing the most important part. Managers have to give their strong support for the personnel.

Innovation pedagogy is visible everywhere in Turku UAS campus area.
—You can really feel and see it in our multidisciplinar and cross-curricular learning environments, Juhani Soini sums up.


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