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Innopeda Podcast Series: Episode 2


Talk-Podcast:The change in higher education

Expert: Marjo Joshi, Senior Lecturer, Senior Advisor, e-learning, Turku UAS
Host: Minna Scheinin, Head of Future Learning Design, Turku UAS

Minna Scheinin, Head of Future Learning Design and Senior Lecturer Marjo Joshi from Turku UAS discuss about the concept of change in higher education.

Societies are changing rapidly and higher education institutions has to change as well. We must have courage to ask questions as are degrees old-fashioned or what is the role of a teacher in the new learning culture?

In this episode Marjo Joshi tells about Innovation Pedagogy, a new approach to learning.

When talking about students Joshi highlights the innovation competences. To reach the goals of innovation pedagogy, students must acquire the competences of their own study fields or disciplines and, in addition, a set of so-called innovation competences during their studies.

In order to make the change, teachers need support as well. They need staff training and possibilities to work in teams. Digital skills are necessary, especially now, as we all have to be ready to update our skills.

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