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Innopeda Podcast Series: Episode 6


Talk-Podcast: Systemic educational change – what does it mean in the context of innovation?

Expert: Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski, Director of Changemakers’ Campus, University of Gdansk
Host: Minna Scheinin, Head of Future Learning Design, Turku UAS

Education institution is also a community of change makers. The concepts of change, community and self-direction carries a great value through this Innopeda Podcast episode. Innopeda Podcast host Minna Scheinin and her guest, Director of Changemakers’ Campus  Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski, discuss systemic educational change.

Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski found Turku UAS and Innovation Pedagogy after he recognized the importance of open-ended questions. With Innovation Pedagogy came along Innovation Camps.

Innovation camp is a mutually beneficial way of bringing students and companies together. Students get to a chance to tackle the challenges of real-life assignments and apply the skills they have acquired during their studies in practice. —Some will love it, some will hate it, Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski sums up his experiences.

Self-direction means also reflection, inspiration and dialogue. —Do we have space and time for these important themes, asks podcast-host Minna Scheinin. Jagiello-Rusilowski’s answer is simple: No – we don’t. Yet we have to make the space somehow.

—We get easily stuck with learning and working. In order to make the time and space for creativity, we have to choose the collaborative development.



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More info about Innovation camps:

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  1. Arben Abazi sanoo:

    A lot of good points.

  2. Aino Alastalo sanoo:

    Thank you Arben Abazi. We are very pleased to hear that!


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