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Double Degree – a unique opportunity  


What is double degree 

An international double degree is an opportunity offered to bachelor students in some degree programmes. Double degree is based on a joint agreement between two universities of applied sciences in two countries having a similar curriculum.

From student perspective the requirement is that one studies one whole academic year in the partner (host) university and performs the defined courses. Based on the double degree agreement, these studies can be included into both degrees. After fulfilling the requirements, the participating student is awarded a degree from both universities. 

Turku UAS has several double degree agreements 

Turku UAS degree programme of Industrial Management and Engineering has double degree agreements with Aalen and Aschaffenburg Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany, with ESTA School of Business and Technology in France and with NIT Nagaoka in Japan. Every academic year, double degree students from these universities study their second or third study year in Turku. The study modules are taught in English and the double degree students study together with the degree programme students.

Double degree (DD) co-operation provides many benefits for TUAS and our students. German DD students are studying with more than a hundred Finnish 2nd and 3rd year fellow students during the double degree year, familiarizing them with their studying culture. DD students make courses international and lively and every student’s skill and confidence in using the English language improves. Our students who have gained a German double degree certificate have great employment opportunities in the Turku region as we have so many companies with either a German origin or customer base.  

Students who have gained a double degree certificates have great employment opportunities 

Turku UAS and TH Aschaffenburg UAS connected via AASE 

The double degree between Turku UAS and TH Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, AUAS, was based on co-operation in the Academic Association of Sales Engineering (AASE). Both Turku UAS and AUAS were founding members of this association, which aims to promote sales engineering profession and the education of sales engineers. Founded in 2014, AASE has set the minimum requirements for higher education sales engineering study programs. When setting these requirements, it was found out that both Universities of Applied Sciences share similar curriculum.   

Since the establishment of double degree agreement in 2016 students from both Universities of Applied Sciences have studied in the other country. These students have had a unique opportunity to learn about the other culture during their study year and they have built European level networks and made friends with fellow students. So far, five TUAS students have finished their double degree at AUAS, and seven AUAS students have graduated from  TUAS. There are several more future dd graduates currently finalizing their studies at both universities of Applied Sciences.  

Learning both way of sales is helping the students to improve their skills and they achieve a higher level in professionalism.

Double degree between the programs International Technical Sales Management at AUAS and Sales Engineering within Industrial Management Engineering at Turku UAS is now well established and information about the experience is also shared among the students which means that every year students are applying and approved for double degree studies. The possibility is only offered to five students from both Universities of Applied Sciences per year. 

This programme is widening the educational offers to the AUAS and Turku UAS students. Teaching and learning both, the Turku way of sales and the Aschaffenburg way of sales, is helping the students to improve their skills and they achieve a higher level in professionalism. AUAS sees this dual degree programme as important and positive contribution to a more divers university. Furthermore, the exchange, collaboration, and group work of students from several countries and universities is closer to the European way of work: international and cooperative. As during this programme, also professors visit the partner university, both Turku UAS and AUAS benefit from the contributions in workshops and lectures from each one another.  

Why to do Double Degree, student perspective 

Some of the benefits from student perspective are that you may have a larger selection of studies available or that you will be able to focus more in certain study field in the host university than at home. You will be able to create a large international network and improve your competitiveness in international job market. 

The partnership between TH Aschaffenburg UAS and Turku UAS opens up unique opportunities for students. The strengths of both universities combined with different learning approaches and real projects brings superior value for students and improves the quality of the study programs of both universities in the long term. Students can benefit from a variety of different international projects and events such as the Turku Sales Competition and the Conflict and Negotiation Management course.  

This partnership brings professors and students together and helps to build and to maintain international networks. 


Jenni Mansikkala is degree programme leader at TUAS happy and proud about the double degree opportunity for the students in both countries.

Rauni Jaskari is former degree programme leader at TUAS and currently GM, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Energy Storage at Wärtsilä OYJ.

Ludger Schneider-Störmann is professor at the TH Aschaffenburg UAS and coordinator of the double degree program. He is grateful for having Finnish students at his university, adding experience and value to his seminars.

Andre Ostheimer is double degree student for Turku UAS and TH Aschaffenburg, who feels that this partnership that gave him the best time of his life.

The Academic Association of Sales Engineering (AASE) is an European-wide association bringing together professors, deans and directors from European Higher Education Institutions active in the education of Sales Engineers. AASE aims at promoting and establishing Sales Engineering as a separate profession, renown by industry, politics and future students. More information at  

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