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Youth in charge


A couple of students from TUAS’ BusinessAcademy came together to create a company. Noxit is founded by excited young people, whose mission is to develop themselves and offer high-quality services for their clients. What exactly is Noxit?

Cooperative Noxit Group is a company founded by Turku University of Applied Sciences students who major in entrepreneurship. The company itself is an excellent tool for learning entrepreneurship, since the students themselves are running it.

The idea of it all

How did young students come up with such a concept to start their own company? Ida Tuuva, a member of Noxit says:

“No-one actually gave us the idea of starting Noxit Group, since forming a cooperative is the common base for entrepreneurship studies. However, we came up with the idea of branding Noxit as a more marketing-oriented company ourselves. The biggest benefit is the work experience itself, as it is accumulated by doing different sorts of customer projects. Those projects also provide a great opportunity to network with customers themselves and different stakeholders.”

According to their website, Noxit can help you with social media management, streaming, website development, sales, event organizing and – of course – marketing. They take part in various seminars organized for students, meetings and openings.

“In the cooperative, every individual has their own role. In Noxit, we have a marketing department, financial department, sales department and the board. Every department has its own manager. Outside of that, we also have a team leader and chair of the board.”

What makes Noxit special?

Noxit has existed since September 2018.

“Our main goal is to educate ourselves by learning business via practice, since this is a great opportunity for every member of Noxit to gather real-life work experience from corporate life”, says Ida Tuuva.

The young energetic combination of 15 entrepreneurship-minded persons, who thrive for success!

“The biggest difference between Noxit and any other company is hands-down the young energetic combination of 15 entrepreneurship-minded persons, who thrive for success and give their everything to perform well on every single customer project. Since this is a combination of our studies and work, we have to give it our everything.”

#TUASopening as a project

Five members of Noxit will also take part in #TUASopening which takes place on 5th of September in Lemminkäisenkatu 30, Turku. They are responsible for organizing the event.

“First we made an offer for TUAS about organizing the event itself. The offer got accepted and we started planning the concept; what is the theme going to be like, should the event be more free-minded or formal, what content do we want to provide, what food to offer… etc. We came up with a concept of this carnival-themed event, which would attract students to participate more than in the previous years. So in a nutshell, we are responsible for the whole event itself, and everything that comes with it (content, marketing… etc.).”

If you want to know more about Noxit, come and take part in #TUASopening. There you can listen to speeches, partly in English, enjoy the music or take part in any other fun activity provided by TUAS. Also, check out the Noxit website.

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Photo: Agnieszka Olenska. Organizing #TUASopening: From the left, two of our alumni from Crema Catering, Communications Leader Satu Haapala, Ida and Katariina from Noxit and our friendly janitor Mika Nousiainen.

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